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“Cuauhtli” is also mirrored on Tapas.

Links to things that I like and that inspired my work:

Codex Black – A fun historical fantasy adventure manga-like webcomic by Mexican artist Camilo “Shi-Gu” Moncada, set mostly in Oaxaca during reign of Aztec king Ahuizotl. Colourised, expanded and with further episodes is available in print from IDW.

Aztec Empire – A serious, well researched and highly prised historical webcomic by American duo Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett about Spanish Conquista of Mexica (Aztec) empire.
Nominated for Eisner Award for the Best Digital Comic of year 2019.

“The most handsome and scholarly web comic ever.”

Paul Julian Smith, PhD. Distinguished Professor, Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures at CUNY

Daniel Parada – Salvadorian comic artist, currently living in California who did over the years lots of highly historically accurate illustrations and comics related to Mesoamerican pre-colonial culture and history.

His ArtStation and Twitter.

Suggested for mature readers.

This webcomic contains nudity, strong language, violence, blood and sexual undertones.